What a wonderful day we had, full of cultural and educational experiences. It was great to see children working together, enjoying activities that incorporated working with buddies, co-operative team work, respecting one another other all with smiles on faces. The children participated in the following activities:

Grade 6 learned about Donatello and created clay lions as seen in the streets of Florence. They also made Venetian masks that celebrate Carnevale, a festival that occurs throughout Italy.

Grade 5 learned about Galileo, the famous Renaissance scientists, who used the telescope in astronomy. He used the Leaning Tower of Pisa to test the theory of gravity. The students made a model of La Torre Pendente to take home.

Grade 3 and 4 learned about Leonardo Da Vinci and used charcoal to create portraits of The Mona Lisa. They also used charcoal to sketch drawings under tables, lying on the ground as Michelangelo did to paint The Sistene Chapel. Students also attempted putting together a giant jig-saw-puzzle of Italy.

Grade 2 made Roman Mosaics and 3D- models of Gondolas.

Grade 1 learned about the Italian fairy-tale ‘Pinocchio’ and made Pinocchio puppets. They also experimented with different types of pasta to create pictures.

Foundation students made masks and Italian flags.

The Pasta making workshop was a huge success and thoroughly enjoyed by both students and staff. The gelati was a highlight.