18dec(dec 18)6:30 pm(dec 18)6:30 pmGrade 6 Graduation - Tuesday6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

21decalldaylast Day of Term 4 - 1.00pm Dismissal(All Day: friday)

29janalldayalldayCurriculum Day - No Students(All Day: tuesday)

29janalldayalldayStaff Commence Term 1(All Day: tuesday)

30janalldayalldayGrade 1-6 Students Commence Term 1 Wednesday(All Day: wednesday)

31janalldayalldayFoundation Students Commence Term 1 Thursday(All Day: thursday)

Parent Communication

Communication between School and Home

At CEPS we believe that regular communication is most important. There is a weekly newsletter each Friday to keep parents up to date with school events. The newsletter is available through our website and also through our App – Tiqbiz which can be downloaded to your smartphone. android or computer from

Your child’s development is addressed through formal parent/teacher interviews which are held at the beginning of the year, where you the parent informs the class teacher about your child, and during the year, at which the child’s progress will be discussed.

Written reports are sent home to parents twice a year.

Parents are welcome to discuss any aspect of their child’s education with the teacher, at any time, provided an appointment is made. Teachers too, will contact parents about their children if they think there is a need to do so.

Parents are always welcome at CEPS to chat with the Principal or teachers about school activities.

Flexibuzz App  

We are now using FlexiBuzz App (formerly Tiqbiz) to send instant messages, newsletters and notices. This app will help our school keep you fully informed and up to date with newsletters, notices, news and events. It’s easy to use and also has the benefit of helping reduce our paper consumption by printing less.

Downloading is easy …

iPhone and iPad. Go to the Apple App Store and search FlexiBuzz.

Android smartphone and tablet. Go to Google play and search FlexiBuzz.

Windows and Mac computers. Go to and click on the download button.

  1. Log-in – Open flexiBuzz and register/log-in
  2. Find – Click the “Search” icon and type our school name into the search bar. Select us from the results.
  3. Tick – Click on the “Add” button beside the communication groups that apply to you.
  4. Inbox – Click the Home icon. This is where you will receive our instant messages, newsletter and notices.

Qkr – Parent Payments

Classroom Cuisine

1 Ordering lunches on line

Lunches are available on Monday, Wednesday & Friday only

Log onto and register as a new user. Submit your order and select your child’s grade from the drop down list and pay with your credit card. You can either have two courses or three courses. There are gluten and dairy free options. They deliver before lunch.

2 How it works

Lunches are ordered and paid for Online and delivered directly to school labeled with the students name, class and order details. Orders may be placed for one day or as many days as required. A Menu for the whole term is posted online prior to the commencement of the term.

Each lunch order consists of either a Two or Three course lunch. There are 30 Options from which to choose within each course selection on each day. Orders are received by our Customer Friendly Website until 8.30am on the morning of the day the order is required.

3 How to register

The first time our users order with us they need to register. This is to confirm the school and class details of their child (they can register for one or more children) – to make sure we know where to deliver the lunch!  We also require a contact telephone number and email address to send order / payment confirmation.  We will not share our ‘Users’ information with anyone. (Refer Privacy Policy attached)  Users receive a password so that future visits to our site are quick and easy.

4 Payment

Payment is made at the time of placing an order through a secure banking gateway receiving both Visa and MasterCard. Our system confirms orders and generates a confirmation email to our users confirming order and payment.

We post a Menu for the whole term at the beginning of the term so ordering or payment can be for one lunch or as many as a required over the term. (Orders placed in advance can be cancelled and a voucher issued if it comes to pass that a child is sick or has a school activity which means they won’t need the lunch).

School Council

Our School Council, made up of six parent representatives, three staff representatives, two community representatives and the Principal, plays an increasingly important role in the functioning of our school. Their areas of responsibility cover finance, grounds, buildings, policy and 101 other matters that pertain to school administration. School Council meets on average twice each term for a total of 10 meetings per year, generally the third Wednesday of the month. Elections for School Council are held each year in late February/early March. No special experience is required to be a member of School Council, just an interest in your child’s school and the skills to work co-operatively with others to help shape our future. Your support of Council functions is always appreciated.

School Councillors 2018

Principal: Wayne Bach

President: Tara McCormack

Vice President: Angela Berry

Treasurer: Nick Howes

Secretary: Sue Chase

General Committee Members

Marieke Polygenis

Melissa Johns

Michelle Lloyd

Eva Traynor

Josh Bourke

Leisel Ward

Bradley Hoad

Sarah Rodgers

School Council Meeting Dates

2018 – 7.30pm

1ST TERM Wednesday 14th February, Wednesday 21st March (including AGM starting at 7.00pm)

2ND TERM Wednesday 16th May, Wednesday 13th June

3RD TERM Wednesday 15th August, Wednesday 19th September

4TH TERM Wednesday 17th October, Wednesday 14th November

Parents’ Committee

The Parents Committee at CEPS meets approximately once a month during school terms. The meetings are friendly, informal and are alternated between day and night meetings, to enable all interested parents (Mums and/or Dads) to become involved. The role of the Parents Committee is wide and varied. They are the group who organise the fundraisers, plan social events for the school community, run the Mothers and Fathers Day Stalls, Discos, for the children, etc. and have a say on school issues, via our School Council representative. Becoming a member of the Parents Committee is a great way to become involved with your child’s school, and to meet other parents, in a relaxed and informal way. The Committee is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting held in November, with all positions open for nomination each year. New members are always welcome. Apart from fundraising, members help in many areas of the school’s program and activities especially in the areas working directly with the children. Members represent the club on the School Council.

Meeting’s are held in the Staffroom at 7.30pm





Parents Committee upcoming dates for your diary:

School Disco

Annual General Meeting –

Outside Hours School Care

BEFORE CARE HOURS: 7:00 am to 8:45 am.

AFTER CARE HOURS: 3:30 pm to 6:00 p.m.

Our Out of Hours School Care (OHSC) is operated by Camp Australia. It aims to provide interesting, stimulating activities in a friendly, caring environment. The children enjoy a number of activities, including cooking, painting, dress-ups, treasure hunts, picnics, Lego, paper maché, face painting and jewellery making on a regular basis. Breakfast is provided at Before Care (cereal, toast, eggs, fruit, croissants, jaffles, crumpets, muffins etc.) and the After Care children are offered afternoon tea (hot savouries, popcorn, fruit, yoghurt, jelly, icy-poles etc).

Outside School Hours Care

We are proud to partner with Camp Australia to provide our outside school hours care program.

To find out more about the program at our school, including hours of operation, fees and how to register please click on the logo to the right.

How Parents Can Help

At CEPS we recognise that Parents are the first educators of our students and that it is vital that a strong relationship exists between school and home. We endeavour to keep our parent community well informed of what is happening in the school and to involve them in its various activities.

The Parents’ Committee, Dad’s Army and School Council all provide opportunities to assist in activities to support the school programs as well as being a great place to socialise with the parents of your child’s friends.

In the classroom, parents are invited to participate in class programs through our CHATS program.


Cheltenham East Primary School is very proud of the help that it receives from the parent support group called CHATS (Classroom Help and Teacher Support). For many years prior to the initiative of parent involvement by the State Government, there were many parents assisting in the school. Each year we have seen an expansion in the numbers of parents who are prepared to help in so many different ways. Involvement in the Early Years Reading Program has seen a dramatic increase in the standards that the children are attaining, in many instances, far beyond the benchmarks set by the State. The fact that our children in P-2 read every day is having a great impact on these results.

Our parents help in Science, in the Maths Room, in Learning Centres, in Literacy Groups, in the Library, in the Computer Room, in Sporting activities and in classrooms. The Canteen is always looking for helpers and the PMP program in the Junior School cannot run without your support. Some parents are prepared to cover books, make puppets or to make aids for our Literacy Centres. Research indicates that where parents are involved in their children’s schooling in some way, their children’s performance is enhanced.

At Cheltenham East we value the input that our parents contribute to our programs and we encourage all parents to be involved in some way. Toddlers are always welcome except when helping in the Canteen due to Health Regulations. At the beginning of each year a very special morning tea is held to explain to the parents the areas that they might wish to be involved. We look forward to greeting you on this very special occasion.

Grounds and Maintenance

We are very fortunate at CEPS to be supported by a wonderful group of Parents who comprise our Grounds and maintenance group. This group meet once every couple of months in a social setting where they plan forthcoming projects. Working bees are held in targeted areas around our school which are led by this group of volunteers. Recent works have included building a deck outside our new artroom, an outdoor stage, new garden edging and this year’s huge project, our amazing vegetable garden. New members are always welcome.

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