Student Life

Junior School Council

The Junior School Council is an opportunity for students to experience leadership at school, and to have an input into the development of the school. The children in each class from Prep to Year 6 are elected by their peers for a twelve month term of office. The Junior School Council meets with the nominated teacher once per month and is chaired by the School Captains. They discuss any items raised by the children of the various classes, as well as performing a range of fundraising and awareness activities for charity.

Recent activities have included a Casual Dress Day which raised $780. This money was donated to World Wildlife Fund to assist in further research.

School Leaders

School Captains and House Captains are elected annually from within the Year 6 students to represent the CEPS school body. These positions carry with them the highest honour and are considered as a very important part of school organisation. All Grade 5 and 6 students are involved in the election process. House Captains represent the members of their house and are voted for by the children in Grades 4, 5 and 6. These positions are important to the school organisation and the organisation of sporting positions.

There are four houses:

  • KAMBARA (Green)
  • TARMAROO (Yellow)
  • COOLAC (Blue)
  • ARUNYAH (Red)

All students in Year 6 are also given the chance to nominate for their chosen leadership position in areas such as library, canteen, gardening, etc.

Our Buddies

Our senior school children are introduced to our future Foundation students during our Transition program in the year prior to school entry and this is the beginnings of their relationship. The Buddy system provides our Foundation students with a face that is familiar to them, who will be able to guide and reassure them throughout their first year of school.

The Buddies are involved in activities in the Foundation Transition program and are the face to meet the children on their first day of their Foundation year.

The children, both big and small, look forward to their weekly activities and a very strong bond develops. The Buddy system provides our older students with leadership.

Chess Club

Students from all year levels are invited to join our Chess Club. Chess coaches from a private chess coaching company attend each week to provide sessions at lunchtime for all interested students. This is a user pays program. Intra school and inter school tournaments are run regularly. Chess is all about deduction, reasoning, strategic analysis, concentration, spatial awareness, logic, social interaction and so much more. But most of all, it’s fun!