School Commencement Dates for 2019

Wednesday 30th January 2019 – Grades 1-6 Students commence Thursday 31st January 2019  – Foundation Students commence Foundation students will not attend on Wednesdays until the 13th March 2018

2020 Enrolment Tours Available

Foundation 2020 Group Tours Tours will run for approximately 1 hour Individual tours (for 2020 enrolments) can be made by appointment from Term 2 onwards Thursday 14th March 2019            10am Tuesday19th March 2019            12noon Wednesday 27th March 2019      ...
SENTRAL EDUCATION – Student & Parent Portal

SENTRAL EDUCATION – Student & Parent Portal

We are now using SENTRAL EDUCATION at Cheltenham East Primary School. To access the Student & Parent Portal go to This will take you to a login screen.  Log into the Student & Parent Portal or register if it is...