School Commencement Dates for 2020

Wednesday 29th January 2020 – Grades 1-6 Students commence Thursday 30th January 2020  – Foundation Students commence Foundation students will not attend on Wednesdays until the 4th March 2020

2021 Enrolment Tours

FOUNDATION 2021 GROUP SCHOOL TOURS as at 13 July 2020 Tours will run for approximately 1 hour Individual tours (for 2021 enrolments) can be made by appointment from Term 3 onwards We wish to update you in regards to tours of the school and Enrolments for Foundation...
SENTRAL EDUCATION – Student & Parent Portal

SENTRAL EDUCATION – Student & Parent Portal

We are now using SENTRAL EDUCATION at Cheltenham East Primary School. To access the Student & Parent Portal go to This will take you to a login screen.  Log into the Student & Parent Portal or register if it is...