School Commencement Dates for 2019

Wednesday 30th January 2019 – Grades 1-6 Students commence Thursday 31st January 2019  – Foundation Students commence Foundation students will not attend on Wednesdays until the 13th March 2018

2020 Enrolment Tours Available

Foundation 2020 Group Tours Tours will run for approximately 1 hour Individual tours (for 2020 enrolments) can be made by appointment from Term 2 onwards Thursday 14th March 2019            10am Tuesday19th March 2019            12noon Wednesday 27th March 2019      ...
FlexiBuzz Parents’ App

FlexiBuzz Parents’ App

We are now using FlexiBuzz App (formerly Tiqbiz) to send instant messages, newsletters and notices. This app will help our school keep you fully informed and up to date with newsletters, notices, news and events. It’s easy to use and also has the benefit of helping...